Means uniform

Our Student Opportunity Fund supports small campus-based projects that provide educational enhancement for economically disadvantaged students in Austin ISD.    Our first allocation was $10,000 to the Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy and Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy in late 2014 to support their uniform campaign.  In Fall 2016, we awarded six additional projects across the district.

We consider the following criteria when reviewing potential projects:

  • Goal Alignment: What is the goal of this project and how does it enhance learning for students?
  • Demonstrated Need: Does this project serve an academic or extracurricular need identified in the campus and/or district strategy that is not covered in the campus budget?
  • Usage of Funds: How much funding is required to successfully complete the project and how will it be used? (As this is a one-time funding opportunity, ongoing costs such as salaries are not an appropriate fit)
  • Priority Student Population: Does this project predominantly serve an economically disadvantaged population? (Either an entire campus and/or a smaller population within a campus that is 70% economically disadvantaged or greater)
  • Impact: Will this project have the ability to measure success and report back to Austin Ed Fund?

Please check back at this page between June 15 and August 20 to submit a short application for Student Opportunity Fund consideration at our September board meeting.