Student Opportunity Fund Guidelines:

This grant opportunity is specifically earmarked for Austin ISD campuses, with the goal of responding to time-sensitive needs for educational enhancement for economically disadvantaged students.  Please read the following criteria carefully to ensure your project is eligible before you apply:

  • Alignment: Project is aligned with Austin Ed Fund’s mission to serve as a catalyst for generating and distributing external resources for the support of excellence in AISD.
  • Project Focus: Priority is given to programs emphasizing educational enhancement opportunities for economically disadvantaged students.
  • Population Focus: Priority given to campuses where 70% or more students qualify for free or reduced meals (this includes 69 of 130 AISD campuses in SY 16-17) and/or projects specifically earmarked for economically disadvantaged students on a given campus.
  • Demonstrated Need: Funds will meet needs identified in district and/or campus strategy and support expenses not typically covered by public funds.
  • Impact: Ability to measure success and report results.


The following examples outline types of requests that are typically eligible for funding or not under these criteria:


In Scope:

  • Experiences (including exposure to colleges & careers)
  • Travel/ field trips (focused on educational enhancement)
  • Academic materials/ equipment
  • Clothing aligned with academic success (e.g. uniforms)
  • Cross-cultural opportunities

Out of Scope:

  • Salaries
  • Maintenance/ facility improvements
  • Technology/ equipment typically covered by public funds
  • Costumes
  • Event/ food sponsorships