Austin Ed Fund is proud to support AISD’s nationally-recognized Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program as our Signature Initiative. Focused on the skills needed for navigating life, work, and relationships, this initiative spread to all 130 AISD campuses in the 2015-16 school year and has demonstrated impact in behavior and academics. A few highlights from the most recent program evaluation.

  • Elementary schools with high SEL integration ratings had 7% more students pass the STAAR reading and math exams in 2015 than did elementary schools with low SEL integration ratings. 
  • Discipline referral rates decreased 45% at elementary schools with 3-4 years of SEL experience, and decreased 29% at middle and high schools with 3-4 years of SEL experience. 

National studies also show that SEL makes not only emotional but economic sense: a recent Columbia University study finds a return of investment of over 11 dollars for every dollar invested in SEL interventions.


Interested in seeing SEL’s impact in action? Watch here!