Innovation Grants Recipients 2015-2017

YearGrant TitleCampusProject SummaryAward Amount
2017The Virtual FutureMcCallum High SchoolDevelopment of afterschool program for students to design Virtual Reality systems and films for emerging cutting-edge industry$3,369
2017IDEA Lab (Invention, Design, Engineering, & Art)Zavala Elementary SchoolCreation of makerspace to replicate real-life experiences, bridge STEM curriculum across vertical team, and provide hands-on thematic activities linked to capstone projects and STEM careers$5,000
2017Literacy in MotionOak Hill Elementary SchoolScaling multisensory kinesthetic literacy program, Really Great Reading, across all K-2 classes$8,500
2017Make Space for Learning!Maplewood Elementary SchoolTransformation of underutilized hallway into hands-on, accessible STEAM activity space for MakerSpace Mondays$9,403
2017(Clifton) Gourmet MushroomsClifton Career SchoolProfessionalizing the farm-to-table oyster mushroom cultivation and entrepreneurship program for special education students in Horticulture career track$3,952
2017Learn the Past to Build the Future!Graham Elementary SchoolEngaging students in history, current events, and cross-cultural understanding through monthly thematic novel studies $7,172
2017Transform our World with DesignAkins High SchoolCreation of design lab for fine arts/ theatre students to master industry-level CAD light plot design, 3D rendering, and projection mapping$9,882
2017Textiles Tech LabAnn Richards Middle/High SchoolCTE Fashion and Interior Design- focused lab for 12-week textile-themed project units focused on product design, ethics and environmentalism, and interactive architecture project$5,000
2017Student INC Entrepreneurship ProgramCrockett High SchoolBridge to sustainability for real-world collaborative entrepreneurship program, including thematic field trips and summer learning activities for incoming 9th graders$3,370
2017Innovative Learning SpacesAustin High SchoolCreation of outdoor Builderspace and mobile Design Carts to empower Project Based Learning in new 9th-grade academy model$5,000
2017ChillvilleCasey Elementary SchoolMindfulness room with sensory equipment for special education students to regulate emotions and be ready to learn$1,614
2017Culturally Responsive Multi-Campus Books StudyCowan ES, Cunningham ES, Sunset Valley ES, Widen ES, Govalle ES, & Jordan ESInteractive, in-depth study of culturally responsive teaching on six elementary campuses across four vertical teams$4,446
2017Read, Think, Make: Literacy Based MakerspaceWooldridge Elementary SchoolCreation of library makerspace utilizing kinesthetic learning to boost ELL students' literacy by creating authentic projects based on reading comprehension$3,291
2017Let There Be LightBowie High SchoolPhysics and chemistry equipment to engage lower-performing students in spectrometric gas emission experiments$1,282
2017The Power of Collaborative TECHBedichek Middle SchoolProviding technology to enhance collaboration on real-world driven entrepreneurship projects$2,000
2017First Grade Learning Caf?Houston Elementary SchoolTransform ESL classroom into "learning caf?" with flexible seating enabling brain breaks$1,135
2017Rocket AmbassadorsHart Elementary SchoolAmbassador program pairing former refugee students as mentors to recently arrived "Little Buddies" for social/emotional integration into new school and culture$1,000
2016Mission to Mars: Launch your Engineering Adventure!Akins High SchoolTwo-month Mission to Mars unit focused on integrating engineering, teamwork, and problem solving skills, culminating with trip to NASA$8,095
2016Eagles Encourage Eaglets to ExpressAkins High School (+ Blazier, Palm, & Menchaca ES)Student-brainstormed and -led project for high school "Ready, Set, Teach" interns to incorporate hands-on Social Emotional Learning projects at elementary campuses$5,433
2016Creating Time for CollaborationAndrews Elementary SchoolSupport for grade-level planning three times yearly to launch the AISD pilot for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme in high-needs campus$8,700
2016Trebuchet Design & Launch ProjectAnn Richards Middle/High School Student teams design, build, & test Middle Ages-era Trebuchet to refine engineering skills$1,622
2016Harmony Living Wall ProjectAnn Richards Middle/High SchoolCombining tech and environmental learning by creating an indoor living wall embedded with sensors to monitor temperature, CO2, and humidity$1,764
2016Bedichek Goes LiveBedichek Middle SchoolLaunching phase 2 of hands-on entrepreneurship project- creating online branch of school spirit store$2,000
2016Casey STEAM Media StudioCasey Elementary SchoolCreating media studio for students to write, direct, record, produce, & showcase their very own programming $5,566
2016Livestock ProductionClifton Career SchoolReal-world hands-on instruction for special-needs students via animal science entrepreneurship $2,000
2016Roadrunner Reading Rebirth: A Literacy Library ProjectGovalle Elementary SchoolIn response to teacher feedback, update and refurbish campus literacy library with culturally relevant & effective instructional resources to increase capacity to teach$8,075
2016Let's Tink About ItGullett Elementary SchoolConverting underused computer lab into the "Tinkering Lab" for hands-on science learning$6,251
2016Jaguars ReadJoslin Elementary SchoolWorkshop series to teach parents strategies to create and reinforce literacy-rich environments at home$1,611
2016Lost & Sound RoomLanier High SchoolInnovative, state-of-the-art music production studio where at-risk students who feel lost can express themselves in a safe space$9,000
2016Innovative Designs with Little Bits and Kits!Mathews Elementary SchoolPioneering Makerspace lab at the elementary level for AISD where students can collaborate to code, design, & create projects$6,983
2016Reagan Readers Book ClubReagan High SchoolIncreasing college readiness and culture of literacy through establishment of campus book club$2,000
2016YWLA Girls ConferenceSadler Means YWLA Student-generated and -led professional Girls Conference to address identified campus areas of concern and need$5,900
20156th Grade Stars: From Seeds to $ustainabilityAnn Richards School for Young Women LeadersProject-based chemistry unit tied to real-world environmental issue impacting the Austin community$2,000
2015The Great Debate: Fluoridation of Drinking WaterAnn Richards School for Young Women LeadersEntrepreneurship program for students to collaboratively lead cultivation, marketing, and business plan for selling plants$1,398
2015Jumbled Genres BingoBertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership AcademyCreation of campus-wide incentive program to increase non-fiction reading aligned with curriculum$2,000
2015Organisms and EnvironmentsBurnet Middle SchoolOutdoor science experiments utilizing the insect habitats around campus$2,000
2015Green Urban Innovative GardenersGarza High School"Reinventing the urban school experience" through creation of urban garden focused on sustainability and community volunteerism$9,992
2015Active Seating for the Whole ChildKealing Middle SchoolIntroduction of classroom seating that encourages natural movement$1,815
2015Tiny Tech ExplorersKiker Elementary SchoolCreating 21st century Pre-K centers with nonbreakable technology for our littlest learners$1,998
2015Inspiring and Supporting Career PathsMendez Middle SchoolHelping students attain American Red Cross certification as first foray into importance of career credentialing$1,450
2015Leaping to LiteracyOak Hill Elementary SchoolYear-long observational STEM experiment on the growth of bullfrogs, incorporating reading and writing$1,023
2015Multisensory Reading: A Path to Success for Dyslexic StudentsOak Hill Elementary SchoolEstablishing hub for 3rd grade dyslexia intervention program in both reading and math$1,106
2015Eagle’s Girls Robotics ClubOdom Elementary SchoolExpanding student-led girls' robotics program to increase female minority STEM participation$3,858
2015Learning Independence Through TechnologyReagan High SchoolTeach special education students technology skills to help with transition to employment and close achievement gaps$4,330
2015Wheel Chair Accessible Teaching GardenReagan High SchoolAccessible garden for special education students to enhance critical thinking and advance physical and manual dexterity goals$2,000
2015Reader to ReaderSt. Elmo Elementary SchoolBuilding literacy skills via development of after-school reading clubs incorporating high-interest SEL and Creative Learning strategies$5,000
2015Mobility & Sensory Tools for LearningSummitt Elementary School Implementing tools for movement in learning, alternative seating, & sensory support to increase attention to task$9,614