Lights, Camera, Action with our ARS Media Interns

The week of May 15, the adults learned from the students!

 Austin Ed Fund and the AISD Office of Innovation and Development were thrilled to host three high school junior media interns from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in our office.  The students created a short video highlighting the impact of our Innovation Grants program that premiered at the June 6 Innovation Grants Reception.

 We sat down with intern Brizaizet Olascoaga to learn a little more about her week in the working world…


Tell us about the project you worked on as a media intern at Austin Ed Fund.

We traveled to Clifton, Gullett, Reagan, and Akins to interview and record footage of teachers and students highlighting the innovative projects they were able to lead and take part in with the help of the Austin Ed Fund. After gathering the footage, we edited the footage to create a final video that was to be showcased at a teacher reception.

What was the most memorable/ enjoyable aspect of the project?

Traveling to the different campuses to interview the students and teachers was a very enjoyable experience. I remember when we were filming at Reagan we interviewed a female senior, and she shared how through the Reagan book club she was able to express herself, and how she immediately found her place there. Not only that, but she shared the impact that her teacher Ms. Stirrat had in her life.

What was the most challenging aspect of the project?

I knew it would be a challenge to be able to share each campus’ innovative projects in only two minutes of video. I felt as if the questions needed to be spot-on, and I knew that there would be no do-over for the interviews. Despite the pressure, I believe we were able to record really great responses and interviews.

What was it like visiting other AISD campuses from Ann Richards?

Visiting other campuses in AISD was really interesting because we were able to see what set each school apart from the other. For example, when visiting Gullett Elementary, we were in awe of the number of pets inside the school. There were bunnies, geckos, even chickens!

From an Ann Richards student’s perspective, it was interesting seeing how co-ed high schools functioned, and coming from a single-sex, STEAM-based school, we noticed small details. When visiting an Akins engineering classroom, we saw that the majority of the class consisted of boys. I found the contrast very interesting.

What impressed you most about the teachers you interviewed? 

I was very impressed by how passionate, inspirational, and humorous they were. All of them spoke with passion about their students, their decisions to become teachers, and the projects they were able to provide for their students. When they spoke, there were moments when I took a pause after they responded to the questions I asked because their responses were so insightful, and just… inspirational.

What are your personal goals for the future?

In the future, I hope pursue a career in design or storytelling.  Having worked on the Ed Fund video, I definitely gained experience in storytelling throughout my internship experience. Interviewing the teachers and students at each school and seeing and hearing the passion in them was very eye-opening. I hope to be able to interview and share others’ stories and passions with an audience throughout my future.


Briza, it was an honor to host you, Citlali, and Gabby in our office and you did a fantastic job. Thank you for helping tell the story of our talented AISD students and teachers!