Want to race like a champion and support a good cause at the same time?  Join our Austin Gives Miles team for the big race coming up on February 18, 2018!


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Why sign up to Fundraise and Run for the Austin Ed Fund?

You’ll be running for a great cause and will also be building community at the same time! Join our team and help fundraise on behalf of the Austin High School’s Back the Track campaign and for economically disadvantaged students across Austin through the Austin Ed Fund’s Student Opportunity Fund. Every dollar raised will directly support Austin ISD students and help us secure additional matching funds.


Whether you decide to run the 5k, half or full marathon, we’ll help you fundraise, pay for your race registration*, and recognize you at an Austin ISD Board Meeting! On top of that, you’ll be invited to a few parties to bring everyone together to mingle, celebrate and thank, as well as some tips on reaching your fundraising goal.


*Full and Half Marathon participants will need to raise at least $500 and 5k participants will need to raise at least $250 in order to receive a free race bib.


How to Register and Fundraise:

  1. Decide which campaign you would like to fundraise for on crowdrise.com. There are two options:
  • Back the Track campaign to resurface and renovate the track at Austin High School.
  • Student Opportunity Fund to provide field trips, academic materials, and more for economically disadvantaged students across the district.


  1. Sign up via Crowdrise to Fundraise for the campaign.


  1. Personalize your Campaign:
    • Once you create an account, a crowdrise fundraising page in your name will be created that has campaign information already pre-loaded. We encourage you to personalize this page with a message and an avatar photo from you that says why this campaign is important to you and why you are fundraising on behalf of that campaign.


  1. Spread the word to meet your Fundraising Goal:
    • It’s time to share and fundraise! The most successful fundraising campaigns are those that you share with your networks, and often. We encourage you to send a personal message and a link to the campaign to family and friends. These messages can be sent via email or through sharing the link on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


  1. You’ve made your fundraising goal! Now what?
  • Full and Half Marathon participants will need to raise at least $500 and 5k participants will need to raise at least $250 in order to qualify for a free bib by January 3rd Once you’ve reached your goal, Austin Ed Fund will send you a registration code to register for the race for free.
  • Keep the momentum going! You’ve reached your goal, but can you exceed your goal? Austin Ed Fund will provide prizes for our top fundraisers!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have to be an Austin ISD employee to participate?

  • No – employees, community members and even students at least 16 years of age can participate!

How do I register for the race?

  • If you reach your Crowdrise Fundraising goal by January 3rd, Austin Ed Fund will send you a registration code for you to sign up for the race online.

What if I already registered for the race?

  • If you’ve already registered for the race, you’re awesome! To fundraise for Austin Ed Fund, let us know and we will set up a Crowdrise page for you. If you meet your fundraising goal, we will reimburse you for your race registration.

Can I register through YourAustinMarathon.com?

  • If you would like to register through the marathon website, be sure to choose the Austin Ed Fund as your team on the first page of registration. On the second page of registration, you will choose the Austin Ed Fund campaign you’d like to fundraise for in the Austin Gives Mile dropdown menu. This will automatically create a CrowdRise fundraising page for you.

What if I don’t meet the minimum fundraising goal in time for a free bib?

  •  If you are unable to make your goal by the January 3rd deadline, you will unfortunately have to register and pay for the bib yourself.  However, our staff is here to help with fundraising and will offer continued support to assist any team members who request it – so please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Have additional questions? Contact Juliana Castillo at Juliana.Castillo@austinisd.org or at (512) 414-9851.